Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ron Paul says Obama administration following policies of Bush

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul appeared once again on "Larry King Live" on Monday to discuss terrorism. Paul took aim at former Vice President Dick Cheney and advised him that he has no place to criticize.
Huffington Post contributor Tanya Acker, Senior Political Writer Peter Weinert and Republican Strategist Andrea Santaros appeared alongside the former 2008 Republican Presidential candidate and author of “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” Ron Paul, on CNN’s “Larry King Live” to discuss the war on terrorism, President Barack Obama’s policies and the current state of affairs, according to The Hill.
King first asked Dr. Paul how the President has dealt with the terror issue as of late and the Republican Representative said, “Well, I think that about the way I expected. Nothing too special, nothing bad, nothing real good because we're not getting to the bottom of it. Everybody is talking about a war on terrorism and a lot of us come to a conclusion that you can't declare a war on a tactic and too often I hear Obama saying is that we have to expand the war.”
The 1988 Libertarian Presidential candidate further added that the United States is in a lot of countries around the world and have been dropping bombs and drones on people in Pakistan and Yemen, which, he says, is an act of war. He pegged the question: “How far do we expand this when the declaration of war on terrorism is endless and narrowed down?” and concluded that the US has to have a target and understand the reasons why terrorists attack the US and its allies. Paul went on to say that both the previous and current administrations are not doing this.
Digital Journal reported last week that former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney criticized the President by stating that he doesn’t think Obama believes the US is at war and asked “Why doesn’t he want to admit we’re at war?"
King asked what he thinks about the man who is in his party, reports CNN, “I think he had his eight years, and he's caused a lot of trouble for our country and perpetuated a war in Iraq that was unnecessary and wrong-headed. I would say it would be best he not be so critical right now.” But Paul went on to say that the policies of the Bush administration are continuing under the Obama administration and that the same rhetoric is being thrown around in Washington and in the media of, "They're going to attack us and they declared a war against us and it's always they and them.”
“But who are they?” Asks Paul, “After 9/11, 14, or 15, of the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia but we didn't attack Saudi Arabia, we attacked Iraq. So it doesn't make sense and those individuals were trained, or at least planned, in Germany or Spain and some even were trained in the United States.”
Paul further explained, as he did last month on “Larry King Live,” that the reason is because of America’s foreign policy and the US is doing exactly what Usama Bin Laden wanted the country to do, “They happen to be there, that's true, but they're there because we stimulate them and we follow them to the hands of Usama Bin Laden by us going there and causing people to be so angry and it helps his recruiting effort. He has written about this and said this, "I want the Americans to come over here and get bogged down and bankrupt their country and besides it'll help my recruiting efforts" and we're doing exactly as he planned.”


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