Sunday, January 17, 2010

DC: Michelle Obama New Hairdo (Photos) Rush Limbaugh & Haiti Comments

DC Buzz! Michelle Obama (pictured) has a new hairdo and she looks great. While the cut was the buzz in Washington, DC for the fashionistas, Rush Limbaugh, a conservative radio talk show host, has the politicos in town fired up and he has taken a lot of fire for comments that he made on Haiti after the tragic earthquake that has left so many hurting. Follow both items below.

First Lady Michelle Obama has a new hairdo. (Image: WENN)

One - First Lady Michelle Obama took measures for a bit of a style change with her hair with a two-inch snip and a slightly different look of a new hairdo and everyone noticed. She "tried to minimize the buzz her new do would set off by telling reporters earlier in the week that it was just "a little cut," unworthy of being newsworthy." Before and after pictures of Michelle's new do are here.


Two - What about those comments from Rush Limbaugh about Haiti? Did the talk show host ask people not to donate? Limbaugh is still trying to re-explain what he meant when he said "We've already donated to Haiti - it's called the U.S. income tax," when a caller asked him about it on his show.

Rush says his words were twisted. Tim Morgan has the Limbaugh explanation here and despite the quote, on his website Limbaugh claims, "Rush Did Not Say "Don't Make Donations to Haiti."

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