Saturday, January 30, 2010

Turkish Students in Washington D.C. to Design "Future's City"

Students of a private school founded by Turkish-
businessmen in the U.S. capital of Washington D.C. have been awarded first place at a competition encouraging youngsters to design the "city of future".

Students of Pinnacle Academy were awarded first place at the "Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Future City Competition" and they were qualified to represent their region at the "2010 Future City
Competition National Finals" to be held between February 13 and 17.

Seventh grade students Selin Altintas, Nurbanu Simsek, Zehra Yilmaz and Madina Khurishanova were ranked the first at regional level thanks to their project "Yeshilist".

The students, working under the guidance of their teacher Hatice Evci and architect Emre Ozkan, developed an imaginary city that will cover the long-term accommodation needs of people who may lose their houses during a possible earthquake.

Using the Sim City4 Deluxe PC game, students founded a cyber city near Istanbul's Catalca region of Turkey and prepared a digital version as well as a three-dimensional model the city.

In front of a jury comprising of engineers and architects, Pinnacle Academy's team made a written and oral presentation to introduce their dream city.

With their project "Yeshilist", students of the academy will now compete at the national finals to be held at the Congress building in February.

Winners of the national finals will be awarded with a one-week trip to the Space Camp in Alabama, officials said.

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