Saturday, January 16, 2010

NBA is truly the sport of King (James)

What, NBA superstars get preferential calls in the league office, too?

"Answer this question honestly," wrote Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel. "If LeBron (James), like Gilbert Arenas, had been caught with a gun in the locker room, would he have been suspended perhaps for the season by commissioner David Stern?

"Are you kidding me? If LeBron had been caught with a gun, Stern would have modified all NBA uniforms to include a shoulder holster."

Pressed for answers

So will Tiger Woods return, or won't he?

"I promise you, if he had (already won) 19 majors, you might never see him again," golfer Pat Perez told The Associated Press. "Now he's got to ask himself if the juice is worth the squeeze."

Don't pass the Mayo

O.J. Mayo, the one-and-done USC basketball star, refused to cooperate with the university's investigation into allegations he accepted improper gifts and benefits in 2007-08, said USC athletic director Mike Garrett.

So much for O.J. leading the Trojans in assists that season.

Colt, hard facts

Texas rose to No. 1 in the basketball polls last week, but Longhorns center Dexter Pittman isn't feeling like a big man on campus — not as long as king football is still around.

"This is Colt McCoy's school," Pittman told The Dallas Morning News. "He's just letting us borrow it."

Is that all there is?

Ever see what's left of a fluffy house cat after it gets caught in torrential downpour?

That's about all there is to a three-hour NFL telecast, according to The Wall Street Journal: 75 minutes of commercials, 17 minutes of replays — and 11 minutes of actual game action.

Snappy comeback

"South Florida's Jim Leavitt became the third major-college football coach in recent weeks to be fired for reportedly physically abusing a player," wrote Greg Cote of the Miami Herald. "You want a simple solution?

"New rule: Players get to hit back."

A bunch of BCS

• Janice Hough of, after ESPN analysts said Boise State has a good shot at winning the 2010 football title — as long as it gets a high preseason ranking: "Congratulations to the BCS. They have just turned college football into Olympic figure skating."

• Drew Curtis of, on a poll showing that 73 percent of Division I-A football head coaches prefer the BCS to a playoff system: "After all, when you have a Weedeater Bowl trophy in your office, you're already a champion."

• Jeff Wolf of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, on a Republican (Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch) and a Democrat (President Obama) agreeing on something — a disdain for the BCS setup: "Lace 'em up, Satan, it's time to go skating."

The kicking game

We can't remember the last time we've seen so many cheap shots, hits below the waist and unsportsmanlike conduct.

No, not the NFL playoffs — the late-night TV hosts.

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