Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PETA used Michelle Obama image without consent: White House

WASHINGTON — Animal rights group PETA used the image of First Lady Michelle Obama in a campaign against fur clothing without her permission, the White House said Wednesday.

"We did not consent to it," said Semonti Stephens, spokeswoman for the wife of US President Barack Obama.

PETA, an animal welfare group known for high-profile stunts to promote its cause, had featured Michelle Obama in a photo-montage advertisement on its website.

The montage also included other US personalities including model Tyra Banks, television icon Oprah Winfrey and singer Carrie Underwood.

In the ad PETA declared the celebrities "Fur-Free and Fabulous!"

The White House has contacted the group about the issue, an official told AFP, without providing further details.


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