Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bob Ray Sanders, Texas House District 92, President Obama

Bob Ray sparks responses

Time for Bob Ray Sanders to hush up and exit, stage right. (See: "Cheney’s incessant chatter hurts only the former VP’s credibility," Wednesday) I’ve grown tired of hearing him (and other Democrats) constantly criticize the Bush administration just as he has grown tired of hearing Dick Cheney criticize the current administration.

Just remember, Obama wanted to be president, was elected and now has the responsibility for what happens. Time he owns up and makes good on his promises. I don’t think he has a clue and neither does Bob Ray. I’ll be glad when they both ride off into the sunset!

— Carol Driscoll, Fort Worth

After reading Sanders’ column about Dick Cheney, I fully agree the former VP should just go hunting and shoot something. But I must protest the comparison of the former VP to a pit bull. The Pitty deserves better than being put in the same category as this venomous lowlife.

— Kathy Rawle, Alvarado

Sanders is upset that former Vice President Dick Cheney is "constantly criticizing the current administration." Perhaps the former vice president would "just shut up," as Sanders wishes, if President Obama and his spokespersons would stop blaming every piece of bad news, as well as their administration’s every misstep, on the Bush administration. It’s getting a little tiresome! I for one would like to see a show of hands on that.

— William Brown, Arlington

My hand is up, way up. A man who had "other priorities" when many Americans were signing up for Vietnam can just keep his mouth shut. I don’t know if he’s anti-intellectual, but he certainly has no use for intelligent people who think before they act. Our president’s intelligence is a second strike against him (the first being his skin color) when fear mongers like Cheney pile on.

Fareed Zakaria may not have been the first to write it, but it was his book where I first saw the comment that terrorism’s effectiveness is measured in the reaction of those terrorized. I’ll bet al Qaeda loves the Dick Cheneys who elevate these acts of misguided religious zealots and get all "wee-weed up" when they raise their heads. I’ll bet al Qaeda hates it that the Obama administration has the intelligence to listen to and consider the views of counterinsurgency experts like Gens. David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal and their respective sources when making his decisions.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Sanders!

— Tom Hallford, Keller

Cason in District 92

Please vote for Jeff Cason to unseat state Rep. Todd Smith, District 92. Smith is a seven-term incumbent who has failed to represent the conservative values of his constituents.

Ratings by watchdog groups reveal that Smith often votes with liberal Democrats rather than support legislation favored by business and conservative taxpayers. Recent scorecards, compiled from legislative voting records, show Smith only had a 73 percent favorable rating with the Texas Association of Business; 66 percent with Texans for Fiscal Responsibility; 64 percent with Heritage Alliance; 57 percent with Americans for Prosperity; and 56 percent with the Texas Eagle Forum.

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