Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A.M. entertainment links: PETA puts Michelle Obama in anti-fur ad, without permission

An anti-fur campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is featuring the image of First Lady Michelle Obama, without her permission, based on the White House's confirmation that she doesn't wear fur.
» The Associated Press: PETA features Michelle Obama in new anti-fur ad

A plot around a greedy corporation that wants to take over the natural resources on the planet Pandora, along with religious, anti-war and pro-environment themes, have put James Cameron's film "Avatar" in the crosshairs of conservative bloggers.

"It looks like a big-budget animated film with a garish color palette right off a hippie's tie dye shirt," wrote conservative movie critic John Nolte.
» Los Angeles Times: 'Avatar': Red-state politics + blue aliens = box-office green

Sam Mendes is reportedly in talks to direct the new James Bond film, and some are criticizing the choice of a such a cerebral filmmaker to make an action film, "almost by definition hack work."
» Los Angeles Times: 007 bondage would be a bad move for Sam Mendes
» Heckler Spray: Sam Mendes To Make Bond 23 Even More Drearily Self-Important

Casey Johnson, the 30-year-old heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune who was purportedly engaged to reality star Tila Tequila, was recently found dead.
» New York Daily News: Woody Johnson 'devastated' over death of daughter, Casey Johnson
» Gawker: A tale of two trainwrecks: The definitive timeline of Casey's and Tila's romance

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