Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wikileaks Releases Half Million Text Messages Sent On 9/11

Kris Alingod - AHN Contributor
Washington, D.C. (AHN) - Wikileaks has released half a million text messages sent via pagers nationwide during a 24-hour period on Sept. 11, 2001. The intercepts include messages from the Pentagon, the NYPD and other government agencies.

The index of messages begin at 3:00 am on the day of the attacks, and end at the same hour the following day. They are ordered chronologically, and released synchronized to the actual time they were sent, according to Wikileaks so "the world has a chance to objectively see how the tragedy progressed."

Four planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania eight years ago. A total of 2,973 people died.

The first plane hit one tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am. In Pennsylvania, 40 people died after Flight 93 was thwarted by passengers from hitting the U.S. Capitol and instead crashed on Skyline Road in Shanksville. At the Pentagon, Flight 77 crashed, killing all 59 people on board and 125 military and civilian personnel at the Pentagon.

Many of the messages released by Wikileaks were from worried family members.

"WTC 1 just exploded stay away," Henry T. tells someone at 9:01 am.

"Please call Mommy. I am very nevous [sic]. I need to know if everything is okay."

"Report says large, gaping holes in each bldg. Number of casualties/deaths unknown at this time."

"Call your son when you get a chance. Calling to see if you're all right," read a message sent at 9:25 am. And, "Plane crash at world trade. ALL medicine house staff report to hospital now."

At 10:00, someone pleads, "Call me! Your mom is freaking out!" while another says, "Hunny, I know the phones are all busy, but give me a call if you can. I love you."

A message saying "Getting scared! Give us a call! Jenn & Ro" was also sent.

Around the same time, someone named Nigel says, "Admiral, Call when able. We are going to TREATCON C," referring to Threatcon Charlie, which according to a Defense Department manual is a level of response used by the Penagon implementing short-term measures when events or intelligence indicate a terrorist action is "imminent."

One minute later, the post office says, "As a precaution, based on the terrorist activity, if you have any state or federal stops today you will 83 those stops for tomorrow delivery."

Another agency announces, "National grnd stop in effect. All flights in the air will land at the closest aprt and cnl."

"One of the towers just completely collapsed," a message sent at 10:02 am reads.

Then, "You need to take Hunter Home, and stay inside. Turn the TV on. Chris."


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