Thursday, November 26, 2009

Real World DC trailer premieres on MTV (video)

About a month after production wrapped on MTV's "Real World DC," a trailer for the show's December 30, 10 p.m. season premiere finally made its debut on Tuesday night. [Scroll down to watch.]

The eight strangers – Andrew, Ashley, Callie, Emily, Erika, Josh, Mike and Ty – were holed up in a mansion at 2000 S Street NW in Dupont Circle from July through mid-October. The Washington Examiner's Yeas & Nays column described the season 23 crop in a posting earlier this month:

The fierce Latina who grew up in a trailer park, the annoying little brother who will hook up with anyone, the inner-city orphan with enough machismo to own this city, the country girl who lived in a barn, the high school sweetheart who discovered he was bisexual, the rebel from a Christian cult and the wannabe rocker. … Say hello to “The Real World,” Washington, D.C.

MTV also this week unveiled the show's Web site, which features the trailer seen below, as well as cast bios and photos.

Based on the exhaustive coverage from bloggers, Tweeters and local press over the summer, cast member Emily Schromm interned at human rights organization Africa Action, while Ty Ruff, a football player from Baltimore, may have interned for the Washington Capitals.

Also, cast member Erika Wasilewski reportedly left the show early. Her roommates and MTV have refused to comment, but the "Real World DC" blog/Twittersphere claimed months ago that Erika decided to return to Chicago along with her visiting boyfriend. Word has it she was replaced by Josh, a bartender at Rhino Bar who was cast member Ashley's boyfriend.

Here is MTV's official description of "Real World DC":

With high hopes and expectations, eight new roommates come to our nation's capital for the 23rd season of The Real World, each pursuing their own passions and goals whether it be music or photography, political cartooning, or campaigning for Human Rights -- while enjoying DC's exuberant and diverse nightlife. Swept up in the excitement of the new administration to serve and impact change, the roommates experience their own personal growth and life changes: a small town Texas girl realizes her dream; the jokester of the house has to get serious when it comes to love; a dysfunctional romance threatens to divide the house; and a young man learns that coming out is not only a personal choice but a political one as well.

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