Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Private Jet

Private Jet Charter
Personalized Chartered Flights
A Private jet can get you anywhere fast and safe. 247 Jet's private jets get you to the right place at the right price on your time. We guarantee your privacy and safety. The quality of our private jet service is proven by our returning customers. At 247 Jet, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the highest level of customer service every time you charter a flight. We are ready to address your every requirement: whenever, wherever and however. And we don't stop there, Private Jet Terminal Facilities, Limousine Services, Ground Transportation, Connecting Flights, Hotel Accommodations, Restaurant Reservations (and even Last Minute Changes) are all part of our private jet rental service.
State-of-Art Private Jets
These modern private jets can be the edge that you need to smoke your competitors. Choose the right jet to get you to that important meeting, reach the client before others do, be successful! 247Jet can air charter any private jet for you - everything from Lear to Gulfstream.
Charter Flights - Business Jet Service
Our luxury business jet service can charter a flight to Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Washington, San Jose and Santa Monica. We also fly to smaller regional airports like Van Nuys, Teterboro and out of the way airports with our private jet fleet. If there is a place where a business jet can lend, we can take you to it. For your vacation we also provide private jet charter vacations to exotic locations like Hawaii, Tokoyo, Paris, Riyadh, Moscow, Leabanon, and London England.
Private Jet Rentals
One Way, Backhaul, Deadhead or Empty Leg
247 Private Jet Rentals are also specialized in one way, empty leg and backhaul trips.

A deadhead is when a charter is scheduled to fly a return leg of a flight without cargo or passengers also known as a one way, or an empty leg or a back haul. The private jet charter price is much smaller in these cases because the pricing to charter these "deadhead" flights is based on the actual flight time of the business jet which is calculated from airport A to airport B. While on demand the flight is based on the pricing: Home Base Airport - Pickup Airport - Drop Off Airport - Home Base Airport. See the difference!

Using our empty leg or round trip means that, when we book you a one way, you still get a First Class luxury private jet but at a fraction of the actual price. Our private jet rental services are based all across the United States and are available on a moments notice for a backhaul flight. We will do our best to maximize your flight by putting you on the right plane at the right price.
Private jet charter from 247Jet
Our Private jet charter program has more and more customers who wish to charter private jets and are also interested in finding empty leg or one way or backhaul trips for their planned one-way flights. We have access to virtually every private jet operator in the US and the world. We have contacted jet for hire operators and have asked these operators to forward their empty legs to us so that we can post them on a daily basis.


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