Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mayor Mallory in DC, talking streetcar with Biden

Washington DC – Mayor Mark Mallory will meet with Vice President Biden later today to discuss the Cincinnati Streetcar project and other city federal priorities. Tomorrow, Mayor Mallory will be meeting with Administrator Peter Rogoff, the head of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The City is awaiting final approval from the FTA of its Environmental Assessment in order to begin construction on the Streetcar project.

“The Federal Government is enthusiastic about our Streetcar project,” Mayor Mallory said. “They know that public transportation projects like Streetcars lead to economic growth in cities. For every dollar that we spend on our Streetcar System, we will see a three dollar return on our investment in the form of jobs, economic activity, and increased City revenue.”

Mayor Mallory is in Washington DC for a Streetcar Summit. The summit is an opportunity to share strategies with other cities building Streetcars and learn about federal funding opportunities. Additionally, the summit will focus on the new emphasis by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development on using transportation funding to promote sustainable housing development. On Wednesday, summit attendees will be meeting with Congressional Staff from key Senate Committees to impress upon them the importance of Streetcar projects. The summit is organized by the Community Streetcar Coalition.

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