Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pak Army cancel U.S. visit offended over ‘Harassment’

Lahore, Sep 1 (ANI): A delegation of Pakistani military officers travelling to the United States Central Command headquarters in Tampa, Florida, cancelled their visit in protest against the alleged misbehaviour they had to face from staff at Dallas Airport.

The nine Pakistani officers, on an official visit to the United States, came out of the United Airlines Flight 727 at Dallas International Airport after a passenger refused to fly with them onboard, saying he had heard some odd remarks.

Informed sources said that the flight crew called in security to question the Pakistani officers. They then decided not to take the flight, The Nation reports.

Members of the delegation, led by a two-star general, were offended over their treatment, and cancelled the Central Command meeting on Tuesday, a Pakistani official said. The delegation also decided to return to Pakistan.

A Pakistan official said US Defence Department officials had apologised for the incident.

Former FBI agent Rick Smith said they could take no chances when things are uncertain.

“When they show up on the plane and someone provides information discussing specific passengers, then they are going to scrutinise that even more,” Smith said.
Licence to Kill (for Pakistan) 


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