Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flight information display system

 A Flight Information Display system (FIDS) is a computer system used in airports to display flight information to passengers, in which a computer system controls mechanical or electronic display boards or TV screens in order to display arrivals and departures flight information in real-time. The displays are located inside or around an airport terminal. A virtual version of a FIDS can also be found on most airport websites and teletext systems. In large airports, there are different sets of FIDS for each terminal or even each major airline. FID systems are used to assist passengers during air travel and people who want to pick-up passengers after the flight.
Each line on an FIDS indicates a different flight number accompanied by:
the airline name/logo and/or its IATA or ICAO airline designator
the city of origin or destination, and any intermediate points
the expected arrival or departure time and/or the updated time (reflecting any delays)
the gate number
the check-in counter numbers or the name of the airline handling the check-in
the status of the flight, such as "Landed", "Delayed", "Boarding", etc.
Due to code sharing, one single flight may be represented by a series of different flight numbers, thus lines (for example, LH474 and AC9099), although one single aircraft operates that route at that given time. Lines may be sorted by time, airline name, or city.


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