Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Blog: Brizard's Name Floated for Washington D.C. Schools Post

The bloggers in Washington D.C. are speculating on who will replace Michelle Rhee as schools chancellor. Rhee hasn’t officially resigned, but most believe the city’s new mayor will not keep her around. (Thank you to Flower City Parents Network for finding the posts.)

Rochester School Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard’s name has popped up as a possible successor. TBD calls him a “rising star."

Brizard has shuttered under-performing schools in Rochester and wants to tie teacher pay to their pupils’ performance. He says he’s happy in Rochester, where mayoral control of the schools is being considered, and said he’s looking forward to seeing his work take hold — but he stopped short of committing to staying at his post.
“I’ve learned in life never to say never,” Brizard says. “Because you never know where life takes you.”

Brizard is a big fan of Rhee. Doesn't that hurt his chances, if the new mayor is all about rejecting her way of doing things?

The Washington Post picked up Brizard’s name from TBD. The Post and TBD also mention former Rochester superintendent Cliff Janey as a possible replacement for Rhee. Janey was forced out of Rochester and headed up D.C. schools before being fired by the mayor who hired Rhee. Janey was recently let go as chief of the Newark school system.


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