Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gray plans to take up voting rights issue with the White House

Gray plans White House,
WASHINGTON - D.C. Democratic Mayoral nominee, and presumptive mayor-elect, Vince Gray says he wants to start a dialogue with the White House once he's in office.
Gray says he wants to discuss D.C. voting rights and several other issues.

"I'd like to know where the President stands on statehood for the city, and what he would be prepared to do to facilitate that," said Gray on Friday's The Politics Program with Mark Plotkin.

Gray called the failure to get congressional approval of voting rights for the city a "bitter disappointments," and what's the city to have more autonomy over its budget.

"Why should we still have to ask the United States Congress how to spend our own money?"

Under current law, Congress has to sign off on the city's spending plans.

Gray said he received a call from the White House after defeating current Mayor Adrian Fenty in Tuesday's Democratic primary.


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