Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Senate Republicans fight health care reform

WASHINGTON D.C. -- As Senate Democrats prepare for what's expected to be a health care victory Thursday morning, Republicans today took one last shot a defeating the legislation.

They argued that the bill will increase health care costs for Americans as insurance companies off load the new fees contained in the $871 billion plan.

Missouri's Kit Bond, who chairs a subcommittee on small business, said the democrat's bill will kill job creation by imposing limits on the number of people small businesses can employ and the wages they pay to qualify for health care tax credits.

"The majority party doesn't want Americans to know they're getting a lump of coal for Christmas,” Bond said. “This is Chicago-style politics at its worst, a 2,700 page backroom deal, written behind closed doors, full of political pay offs, vampire votes in the dead of night, all to pass a health care bill before Christmas.”

President Obama told the Washington Post the Bill accomplishes 95 percent of what he wanted.

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