Friday, December 25, 2009

Monika Jagaciak: "Moon over the land attractive!

24h) - Appeared in Fashion Week Autumn Winter this year, her 15-year-old Monika Jagaciak, model exclusive Gaga Agency, Finland has caused shocks catwalk with professional style, a new beauty perfect age too young when compared to the level she forums ...
Although there is much controversy about the age regulations on the floor for a fashion her early success and perfection as Monika, but one can not deny the impression, of the way and features of the model Teen age is bringing.

New at the age of 13, she had dreams Monika is becoming a model professional and span steps on catwalk. With a height of 1.77 m phu sky measurements of 80-57-86 and was approved for the wings of her dreams come true. Monika to form a non-business call or detected from the street as the other young models. The contrary, the little girl was looking to broker a model entrance exam and become a member of the IMG in Finland.

In the village model, they call the name Monika Zac, but this long-legged young loves the name is personality. Activities in the village for two years but the new model Monika has gained quite a lot of success in his career. Especially the show of the brand's reputation has her name on the list. Monika had many interview on fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle ... and face ads for fashion brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hermes ...

Interesting interview on the Ryder Ponny Monika Jagaciak:

- Jac name any of her gender, but in the form commonly known as Jac or Monika?

The name is my management company IMG model set for Paris, I never had the nick name at all while in school. A few friends often call me Monika so I enjoyed when you have a new name. I always think that modeling is part of my life. Jac and I'm here is part of my life. When at school and at home people still call me Monika but most of my colleagues will not know the name and I love the name Jac ...

Monika Jagaciak supermodel young conductor with fun Christmas

- She started modeling work like?

My story is very interesting and sure to become a model, the first heart I have to love it. One day, my sister told me: "Why do not you try that?" So I did. Then I was her only 13 years old and 1.75 cm high. I find a model management company in the Netherlands and I just try to go when they call a shopping center here. When DSO, I took the step to true enthusiasts. Company IMG has contacted me from the day it started and I are both excursions to other Asian countries again. Parents are encouraged to follow my step this business. They said: "It's a good idea ... if that's the dream. So every time I go to determine what the parents are respectful of my choice.

- Tell us something about some of her town? How school?

I live in a city of fewer than 10,000 people and often go to school with two sets of uniforms to the school. And he may find that is where all people have known each other as a child. It was a surprise to the shocked, not much has changed! Places that still exist when I return. People here also know about my job interview a few of the magazines in Finland.

Age 15 - Young and dresses in designer colors

- What to do after she completed his work at the show season?

Last month, I was home within a week and really surprised that I still retain images of school and still remember his timetable as an example as homework. With this interview, my parents also supported. They always want me to be rest and relaxation they usually mix my drink tea when I return back home.

- Looks like she is a great friendship with Frida Gustavsson after meeting two times?

We work together in Japan from a year ago. Then I met them at a show together and to IMG for the entrance examination. We often spend time together talking about fashion. Every time preparing the catwalk, we smiled and said very happy. She is a close friend of me and bring me much joy. She and all the great peace and a good friend of all people.

- So, Zac restless about her standards of beauty technology, we want to know all about this technology?

It is "beauty from vitamins"! I always find the similarities between the body keeping the external information processing by the vitamin in the nature of the lotion applied. This means that vitamins such as C, E, B2, zinc. Of course I use them daily with your favorite products such as zinc cream and cream of Vichy's anti-dry skin La Roche-Posay.

- Tip of her beauty to do with fans?

My advice would be to supplement the vitamins in the diet.

- Brand name makeup that her favorite?

I like the makeup of the Chanel brand ... But this is quite expensive, it is for the high income. Their fragrance is very good.

Monika Jagaciak super sexy on the beach!

- After the span step fashion in the past season, she can tell us about your feeling with the form of clothing and accessories what is the trend of year?

I often have highly appreciated in the style of the design they bring to market trends of fashion, the design identity of each individual. All the samples that are noted. This season I like Calvin Klein, always fashionable and elegant. Alexander Wang is a young vibrant look, Marni true to the name of it - with the design featuring separate left Balmain is always impressive and stylish.

- Besides modeling, she also has something more interesting please?

Previously, I did not have time to do a certain job besides work and school. If I have free time, I like the sport or fine art drawing.

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