Monday, February 8, 2010

Washington DC snow storm, snow storm East Coast and mid Atlantic snow storm

Washington DC: Washington DC snow storm, snow storm East Coast and mid Atlantic snow storm. Washington was battling a blizzard. The capital is enveloped in 32 inches of snow. Normal life has been crippled. Most of the flights have been grounded due to atrocious weather. Besides, some part of the city has no power supply. Some 230,000 homes are functioning without power.

The snowstorm has turned the whole city into a ghost city. Trees have felled due to the blizzard. Other casualties included damaged utility poles. Workers of the Pepco electric company are busy fixing the fault so that power could be restored. But they have failed to do their job as massive snowstorm has made their lives difficult. The company issued a statement saying that it would take some day to restore power.

Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty assured locals that things would get back into normal by Monday morning. He told a local television: "[It's] certainly as much snow as many of us have seen in our lifetime in one particular storm."

The Mayor is working overtime with his other staff to combat the emergency situation. He said: "To have the city ready and open for business Monday morning."

For the time being even the presidential motorcade is having difficulties moving the city’s streets. However, no one has been injured in the historic blizzard.

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