Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dulles Airport affected due to Washington DC snowfall

WITH NEARLY two feet of snow covering the national capital, Washington DC has been literally cut off by the snowfall, with even postal services, buses and above ground subways cancelled on Saturday. The massive snowfall also caused the roof of a private jet hangar at the Dulles airport to collapse.

The Washington DC snowfall, which occurred due to the the raging winter storm in the mid Atlantic region on Saturday, also caused a power cut for a massive number of residents. Pepco, the primary power provider for Washington, has said that the power outage is affecting 11 per cent of its customers, rougly 196,000 people.

The Dulles Airport suffers too - while the snow continues to build on the runways faster than it can be removed, it also caused a portion of a private jet hangar's roof to collapse here. This hangar suffered this damage at around 8:15 AM. Courtney Mickalonis, a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said, “As of this morning, the structural integrity was still in question.” Though planes were damaged, she reported that there were no injuries.

Apart from this, all flights were cancelled at the Ronald Reagon Washington National Airport. Crews were still working on clearing the runways, a job made tougher by the still continuing snowfall.

Postal operations in the Washington area were cancelled completely, as were buses and above ground subways. Many trains in the Northeast corridor, particularly those from Richmond to New York, were also cancelled.

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